There is a report that says firm could be axing upto 13,000 jobs.  Though I pray that your job stays safe in this period of tumoil and uncertainty please consider the following and act accordingly.
As you probably¬†know I have a case pending with EEOC regarding “hostile work environment” and “retaliation” since I protested their “unlawful employment practices“. If you are not familar please visit the web site mentioned below. There is a plan to go ahead with a class action law suit with other employees who have been rendered to discrimination situations firmwide. See my attorney notice on blog. In this regard I urge you to take stock of your past and current situation and back up all evidence you have — emails, Same Time messages, verbal, behavioral evidence etc., that can be termed as unlawful or unethical. You may want to become part of this class action law suit and you may not have access to evidence later if you are laid off.

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Please forward this information among JPMC colleagues you know and alert about this ASAP